The Red Carpet Art Award, which was founded in Vienna, celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2019 and since then has been dedicated to the long-term promotion of young artists through targeted PR- and marketing-campaigns in order to provide them with a high degree of public awareness. Every two years, a jury of experts selects from three hundred submissions three aspiring artists whose works are shown in a solo exhibition and several group exhibitions at gallery partners, in selected off-spaces and at international fairs such as the Viennafair (2010 - 2015), Art Austria or the Positions Berlin.

In cooperation with Wiener Linien and the city government, the RCAA has now provided the Viennese art scene with four showrooms in public space, which can reach just under one million people per week. In the first of the Red Carpet Showrooms, which can be found on Karlsplatz (350,000 person contacts per week) on the transfer platform between U1, U2 and U4, a total of 100 exhibitions have been realized since 2014. Each exhibition is combined with a PR campaign in monthly magazines and social media platforms. And soon also with an own app.

Furthermore, the RCAA has opened selected barracks, castles and the Ministry of Defense to young artists within the project "Mit Sicherheit: Kunst!". But also six of the largest hospitals in Vienna are being enriched by the award with young art. Together with the municipal school advice office, the RCAA works to strengthen the critical consciousness of Viennese pupils with creative means and conveys many of its award winners to well-known Austrian and international collections. These collectors can now also visit many of the RCAA artists in the first studio house of the art prize (3000m² in Brigittenau) in Vienna, which is the first of many studio houses in Europe.

At the same time the award works as a cultural-diplomatic tool in Germany (Berlin since 2016), Croatia (Zagreb, Opatija, Rijeka, Osijek since 2014) and Bulgaria (Sofia, Varna since 2017). In 2018, activities will start in Hungary (Budapest), the Czech Republic (Prague), Poland (Gdansk), Romania (Bucharest), Bosnia (Sarajevo, Banja Luka), Serbia (Belgrade), Israel (Haifa, Tel Aviv) and China (Qingdoa, Hong Kong).